Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves
Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves
Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves
Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves
Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves

Carved Fire Ring - Maple Leaves

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The 30” in diameter 12” tall carved fire rings are bottomless 3/16” to 1/4” thick steel rings which can be used to go around an already made fire pit.

They are offered in over 45 different designs and include an inner spark preventing mesh. They weigh 40-50 lbs and comes painted black with a high heat industrial stove paint or a natural steel finish.

Unlike any other Fire Pits on the market, Muskoka Fire Pits are made of recycled propane tanks right here in Canada.  Add a Muskoka Fire Pits Grill/ Griller and turn this Fire Ring into an Outdoor Wood burning BBQ!   

Please note that paint will not last with use, there are no industrial paints that resist direct flame contact.




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