Mini Carved Fire Pit - Maple Leaf - Muskoka Fire Pits
Mini Carved Fire Pit - Maple Leaf

Mini Carved Fire Pit - Maple Leaf

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The Mini Fire Pit size is 24” in diameter, 18” in height and made of 3/16"-1/4" thick steel weighing 50-60 lbs. Offered in over 45 hand crafted designs to personalize your backyard space.

The Fire Pits can be painted with a black industrial high heat stove paint, or  a natural unpainted steel finish.   

Unlike any other Fire Pits on the market, Muskoka Fire Pits are made of recycled propane tanks right here in Canada.  Add a Mini Muskoka Fire Pits Grill/ Griller and turn this Mini Fire Pit into an Outdoor Wood burning BBQ!

All Mini Fire Pits come with an inner spark protecting mesh, and water drainage holes. Please note that paint will not last with use, there are no industrial paints that resist direct flame contact.